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graphic designer

Motion designer

3d artist

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Introducing my portfolio with the captivating spiral typography created by Alissa Di Furia. This unique and eye-catching design blends the beauty of typography with the mesmerizing motion of a spiral, resulting in a truly stunning work of art. Each letter is intricately crafted to seamlessly flow into the next, creating a continuous and dynamic pattern. The spiral typography is not only visually striking, but also conveys a sense of movement and energy that is sure to capture your attention.
spiral, a rounded typography


Welcome to my portfolio art gallery, I’m Alissa Di Furia, an artist whose stunning works will transport you to a world of color, beauty, and imagination. 

My portfolio includes an impressive collection of digital works, each one a testament to my creativity, skill, and passion for art.

a face draw with 2 different colors
a draw with 2 different colors
a face draw with different colors
alissa di furia logos

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